Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Lundy & Drotar

Lundy & Drotar

Nate Lundy and Shawn Drotar host "Mornings at 5280'" on Mile High Sports Radio every weekday from 7am to 9am.  Catch up on the full show, or just an interview, right here.  Whether it's the latest from Dove Valley and the Denver Broncos, or down at 20th and Blake with the purple pinstripes, the guys cover the local sports scene from Fort Collins to the Pepsi Center down to the Academy.

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Grant Hill

LISTEN: Grant Hill joins Lundy and Drotar to preview the 2017 Final Four

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Steelers AFC Championship Preview

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LISTEN: Pittsburgh Steelers Divisional round preview

LISTEN: Kansas City Chiefs divisional round preview

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WATCH: The Denver Nuggets didn’t get any better during the NBA...

With so much young talent already on the roster, the last thing the Nuggets needed was another developmental piece.