Video slot variants

Even though there are many different types of video slots at Wildz Casino, we will focus on the most important ones below – standard video slots, classic slots, grid-based slots and online slot games with an extended playing field.

Standard video slots

This is the most common type of online video slot nowadays. These slots usually have 4 to 6 reels and a fixed number of paylines, usually under 50. If the player hits identical symbols or wilds on these fixed paylines, he receives a profit. The winnings increase significantly when matching combinations occur on 4 or more reels, as the vast majority of wins consist of 3-reel combinations.

In addition to the main game in this new mobile casino, most titles offer some kind of free game. Many titles, especially the more recent releases, also offer bonus games where big wins can be achieved.

Classic slots

Classic slots like the 100 ladies slots are the online version of mechanical slot machines. Classic slot machines are typically 3-reel games and often feature classic slot machine symbols such as fruit and a BAR symbol. Classic slots generally have a lower max bet and higher volatility.

Although a few classic slots combine the old and the new and also include a bonus game, these extra functions are usually not available and the game focuses almost exclusively on the original 3-reel gameplay. These games may or may not contain wild symbols, unlike modern video slots where wild symbols, even multiple types of wild symbols, can be found on the reels.

Grid-based slots

Without the usual reels, these games do not imitate the conventional machines. Instead, they represent a completely new type of video slot. In these grid-based games, the game symbols usually cascade down from above. In most of these titles, winning combinations are removed from the field and new game symbols fall from above to fill in these gaps. You will then receive free spins, which continue until there is no more winning combination in a free game.

Cascading icons aren’t the only way game icons can appear in the game area, however. Finn and the Swirly Spin is an example of a grid-based game in which the normal fall of symbols has been revised and instead the symbols spiral around the field. In this game, not only is the arrangement of the symbols different, the other slot functions also differ. In this title, for example, wild symbols are generated after a winning combination, rather than appearing as another symbol in a series of symbols.

Expanding playing field

Video slots with an expanding playing field are being developed more and more frequently by game providers. These types of video slots usually follow the same mechanics: a player makes a winning combination on the reels and the play area expands by an additional reel / column or row. This expansion of the playing area opens up more combination options by increasing the number of win lines. In some titles, the player is offered over 100,000 ways to win once the playing field is fully expanded. As with most titles with so many possible paylines, the number of symbols increases, making it more difficult to make winning combinations. But when you meet them, they are often more valuable.

Special features

Special features of video slots are those that are outside the normal course of the game. The most common types of special features are free spins, respins and bonus games.

Free spins

Free spins are the most common feature in almost all online video slots. Free spins are usually triggered when 3 or more special symbols – usually a scatter symbol – land on the reels. However, in some games these can also be triggered randomly.

Most games give a fixed number of free spins. However, some titles have a pick-an-object function in which the player selects one from a series of objects and then reveals the number of free spins and often a multiplier.

Depending on the game, more free spins can be won. As mentioned earlier, free spins features can also include multipliers. These multipliers will either be determined before the start of the round, won randomly by selecting an object, or the multipliers will progressively increase over the course of the game by meeting certain criteria, such as successive wins, or collecting certain symbols


Another popular specialty is the respin. Depending on the game, such a respin can occur at different intervals, but is generally triggered by a winning combination on the field of play. Games with a respin feature usually allow an unlimited number of respins as long as winning combinations continue to be made on the field. There are also games with a fixed number of respins that are activated when certain events occur in a game. However, these are less common.

Bonus games

Finally, online video slots often have additional bonus game features, especially in the games that have been released in recent years. The large number of bonus games cannot be summarized in a single description, but they can generally be classified as additional game features that are not free spins. Most titles with bonus games only include one, but there are games that have multiple bonus games available.