Which Way Do You Get Clean Hair Of Drugs?


We’re at the door of the third decade of this millennium and drug use has never been higher. People finally understood that drugs are just another way to relax from the stressful working week. Around 30 million Americans did some kind of drug last month. They can’t all be wrong, right? 

However, the employers still don’t want their workers to consume any narcotic substance at or away from the workplace. They don’t care if you’re a heavy heroin addict or just an occasional weekend THC smoker, if you fail the drug test they give you, chances are big you’ll get sacked from work.

That’s why lots of these 30 million people are looking for an effective way to clean their hair from toxins and be sure that they will pass the follicle test. We need to tell you right away that this method is probably the best for detecting drug use. It is also the one that’s hardest or almost impossible to cheat. See this amazing report on drug use in the Americas – click here.

The only way, logically, is to wash your hair until the toxins and drug particles are gone, right? Of course. The only problem is, they don’t just go away like other unhealthy particles that built up in our hair. You need a special detox shampoo.

Pick the best detox Shampoo

There’s a whole lot of detox shampoos out there. Picking the right is not easy if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for. Most of the beauty care products meant for this thing are unable to get you cleaned from drugs. You need a special kind.

What you need is to find some of the products labeled as being able to flush the toxins but at the same time, they highlight the chance to get rid of the drugs too. Unlike those made for beauty care which is overwhelming the market, the narcotic flushers are not so common.

Also, you can’t buy them by just getting in the market and pick one. The place you should be looking for is the internet. E-commerce websites are the place where you’ll find the best product. To know which one is the best, you should read dozens of reviews from people who previously used them. The one with the best reviews is the one you need.

Understand how the follicle test works?

To be able to pass the follicle test, you need to know who it is conducted and what you need to mind. It is done by cutting a part of your hair which will be used as a lab sample. The technician will take it to the lab and process it. If they find something suspicious they’ll probably come again and take some more samples.

The bad part about the follicle test is that it is able to uncover narcotics use for up to 90 days. The hair on your head grows with a rate of 0.5 inches per month and the incriminating particles can be found in the 1.5 inches from the shaft. You’ll notice the practitioner will cut as close as possible to the shaft so they are sure that it will be a quality sample. 


Knowing all this we can get a clear conclusion of what you need. If you browse the internet you’ll see that people facing this problem all have a mutual conclusion – there’s only one way to beat the follicle test and it’s called – the Macujo method. 

The Macujo method is done by mixing a few ingredients together. This way everyone, including us, claim that they pass the test without a problem. The ingredients are – vinegar, Tide detergent, Clean and Clear solution, and Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo. 

As you can see, people choose this detox solution for the occasion. Without it, you simply can’t pass, and we’ll tell you why. The clear verdict is – the best 2020 shampoo to pass a hair follicle test is the Aloe Rid Old Formula. The reason we say this is because, without it, all other formulas will be for nothing, while the other way around, it’s not the same.

A lot of people claim and we agree with this one too, that only by washing with this solution, they passed. After all, the instruction manual of it says that you need to wash 10-14 days and up to 4 times a day for best results. If you do this, chances are great that you won’t have a problem on the examination day.

However, the Macujo method is by far the best idea you have. If you want to learn how to do it – read on. 

First, you need to stop taking drugs at least two weeks before the examination. Then, you need to repeat this daily for at least 10 days. Start by making your hair wet just a little. Then put the vinegar and rub it in well. Continue by doing the same with the Pink bottle of Clean and Clear solution. When you do this, let it rest under a plastic cap for 30 minutes.


After half an hour wash with the shampoo and make sure you do it thoroughly. This formula is the main ingredient, it is able to reach deep inside the core of the hair and wash it from drug substances. In the end, do it again with the detergent, just make sure you don’t get anything in your eyes as this is a very strong chemical. If you want to learn more about this, click on this link: https://www.gsdln.org/macujo-method-review/

Some people like to add other detox shampoos in this combination too, like the Clear Choice or the Zydot. We think there’s no need for this as you’ll already damage your hair a lot from the detergent and you won’t get any better result. Aloe Rid, on the other hand, is excellent for daily use. It doesn’t do damages and is safe for daily use just like any other normal shampoo you’d buy from stores.