BRONCOS BIG BOARD: Mitchell Trubisky Scouting Report

22-year-old passer can make every NFL throw. Will that be enough for him to become a top 10 pick on draft day?

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His name is Mitchell. Don’t call him Mitch. I made that mistake repeatedly in my Broncos Big Board video on him, which you can watch above. Now, in my defense, the video was shot before the combine interview he did declaring to the world that he is to be known as “Mitchell” from this day forward. No more “Mitch.” That stuff is for kids.

He’s probably better off, anyway. I knew a couple of “Mitches” in elementary school. Those kids were jerks.

Trubisky certainly has gumption. Is it justified?

Below is my full scouting report on perhaps the best gunslinger in this class.


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 222 lbs

Hand Size: 9.5 inches

Date of Birth: August 20, 1994 (22)


Trubisky has almost all the physical tools you look for in a top quarterback prospect. He has outstanding raw arm talent, good athleticism, high football I.Q., leadership ability, and good (not great) physical size.

Mitch(ell) is genuinely capable of making any throw. He can put the ball on the spot he needs it to be and will be fully prepared for the demands NFL coaches place on his accuracy. On tape you see several examples of Trubisky’s spot-on accuracy go unheralded because of drops.  NFL receivers will make his natural accuracy and arm talent shine.

His awareness of space in the pocket is fairly impressive. He slides from side to side well and knows when and how to use his athleticism to pull the ball down.

Trubisky is a big spot quarterback who played well late in games and in key moments of games. That’s a trait that will serve him exceedingly well in NFL.

Furthermore, his remarkably high football I.Q. will make him an asset in the meeting room and on the field. Coaches should have no problem training him to become an NFL caliber quarterback. He keeps his eyes downfield at all times. Also perhaps the most accurate move quarterback in this class.


I love big quarterbacks—probably more than I should. I’ve fallen hard for guys like Blake Bortles in the past specifically because of their size and ability to stand tall in the pocket. If you add athleticism to that equation, it’s hard for me to not hype you to oblivion.

Trubisky, however, doesn’t fall into this category. He’s not 6’4’’ or 6’5’’ with a big frame and good feet. Instead, he has just adequate size. However, it doesn’t hinder his ability to do his job.

His arm slot is low and his motion isn’t perfect, but, again, that doesn’t hinder his production.

The one scouts I’ve talked with have is how he’ll handle playing under center. Like many college quarterbacks coming into the league, Trubisky played most of his college career out of the shotgun. However, his high football acumen and good feet tell me he’ll be ready to make the leap.


Andy Dalton

Matthew Stafford


Trubisky is a good prospect, with a chance to become great. However, he’s far from “can’t miss.” I like his upside, his leadership ability, and his arm talent. Yet, there are still question marks for me about adjusting to playing under center and his size isn’t perfect.

With that said, my grade on him equates to a late first or early second round quarterback. However, the demand for quarterbacks being what it is, that will almost certainly not be the case.


He is going to be a top 10 pick in this draft. Far worse prospects have achieved that feat. Look for him to go somewhere between San Francisco at No. 2 and New York at No. 6.


No, of course not. The Broncos won’t sniff Trubisky—nor should they. Denver drafted their quarterback of the future last season in Paxton Lynch. Whether or not they intend to bring in another quarterback like Tony Romo is irrelevant to that plan. Denver plans to make Lynch their long-term starter at some point in the near future. Trubisky wouldn’t fit that role.

However, don’t be surprised if the Broncos use a late pick on a quarterback. John Elway understands that draft picks are commodities. Developing a passer can yield big-time returns down the road.


Mitch, “Don’t call me Mitchell,” Trubisky is very good prospect. He has decent size, good athleticism, and football I.Q. out the wazoo. He’s capable of making every single throw in the book and is ready to come in and compete for a starting job immediately.

He will have a bit of a learning curve in a couple of areas, including learning to take drops and play under center, but I expect him to be either the first or second quarterback off the board and to evolve into a top end starter in the NFL.