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ATP rating or ATP ranking that can be found on is a weekly updated rating of male tennis players, which is used by the Association of Professional Tennis Players to evaluate the achievements of athletes. The rating has been compiled by the ATP Tennis Association since 2009. 

The main tournaments in the tennis program are Grand Slam tournaments (the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open). The Australian Open takes place in January at Melbourne Park in Melbourne. The tournament is played on a synthetic surface. The next grandiose tennis event is the French Open, which runs from May 22 to June 5 at the Roland Garros clay courts in Paris. 

The next major tournament is Wimbledon, which takes place from June 20 to July 3 on the grass in the All-England Tennis Club in a suburb of London. The final Big Four Tournament is the US Open. The tournament runs from September 29 at Flushing Meadows in New York. The tournament also takes place on hard courts. Winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in a row is the greatest achievement in tennis. This was first achieved by Steffi Graf in 1988. Exactly ten years later, Martina Hingis repeated his achievement. 

Tennis Betting Benefits

Tennis betting has gained great popularity with the development of digital television, which allows live broadcasting in good quality even from the smallest tournaments. The undeniable advantage of tennis bets is that it is much easier to track the state of players in tennis than in any other sports. Tennis is a single sport, and it is easier to track the state of one or two athletes than to track the players of an entire football team. In tennis, it’s quite doable to watch several matches of a player, evaluate them for understanding his or her current shape and decide which bet to make.