LA Times Report: Chris Paul planning to talk with the Nuggets?

Could the superstar point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers be looking to talk to the Denver Nuggets this offseason? One report seems to think so.

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The flow of interesting Denver Nuggets news continues to flow in the depths of NBA offseason, as Broderick Turner of the L.A. Times reported something a bit surprising for all Nuggets fans when it comes to Clippers point guard Chris Paul:

Paul also has plans to talk with the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets, one executive said.

italic emphasis mine.

Welcome to the depths of NBA offseason player movement drama! Nothing like it in any other sport. While everyone must look at this and remain skeptical (this is a given at this time of year), it is interesting that the Nuggets have been brought up in the conversation along with a star for two consecutive seasons (Dwyane Wade last season).

While it’s easy to roll your eyes and think that this is a game of leverage for Paul, put this into perspective that in the past the Nuggets were almost NEVER brought up in Free Agency conversation. Ever. While the Nuggets can offer Paul more money than most, the Nuggets wouldn’t even be brought up in the past. What makes the Nuggets different now.

Nikola Jokic

It’s hard to imagine how a second year player from Serbia, who was selected in the second round could make that kind of impact BUT, as Nuggets President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly recently said, players have taken notice of Jokic and wouldn’t mind playing with the big man.

We don’t know if the Nuggets are true players for Chris Paul. Heck, this could be a shell game for all we know … but the fact that the Nuggets are mentioned in the same breath as the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets as players for Chris Paul it has to give you a different and GOOD feeling about these Denver Nuggets.