VIDEO: Exclusive one on one with Josh Kroenke and Tim Connelly

Josh Kroenke and Tim Connelly stop by and speak with Jeff Morton about the signing of free agent Paul Millsap, and what he means to the team.

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Denver Nuggets Team President and Governor Josh Kroenke and President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly stopped by to speak with me about Paul Millsap. What does this signing mean for the Denver Nuggets going forward? Are they excited for the prospects of the team, or are they relieved that they were finally able to secure a (relatively) big name free agent signing.

Paul Millsap was introduced to Denver at Montbello Recreation Center in an uplifting press conference featuring a drum line and kids from the area. Millsap, who spent 12 of his first 14 years in Denver, talked about his connection to the city and what the Nuggets did to swing him toward coming back to the Mile High City.

In case you missed my one on one with Paul Millsap, follow this link. Shout out to videographer/podcaster/superstar Ryan Greene for continuing to kick ass with these amazing 5280 Videos.

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