NUGGETS COFFEE BREAK: The Denver Nuggets celebrate their 50th

This week's Nuggets Coffee Break, we talk about the Nuggets 50th Anniversary .... a year later. And Jeff answers your questions!

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It is Nuggets Coffee Break time, where I answer your questions from twitter and discuss other topics. This week, the Denver Nuggets are celebrating their 50th Anniversary. There’s a little twist though.

The actual Nuggets 50th season was LAST season. This will be their 51st season. However, the Nuggets are technically accurate that this is their 50th year. Their formation as the Kansas City Larks/Denver Larks/Denver Rockets was 1967. The first Denver Nuggets team appeared in the original NBA in 1948-50 and folded after one season.

The Nuggets are technically correct, however this will be the Nuggets 51st season as a franchise. Not sure why they chose to do it this way, but cest la vie.

I also answer your Denver Nuggets questions, including one about Emmanuel Mudiay and his potential for improvement this year. Also I talk about Wilson Chandler and how he is possibly the most interesting NBA player I’ve ever been around. Seriously. Wilson Chandler.

Hope everyone enjoys the music in my vlog videos. Those are all my own work specifically for the videos.