LISTEN: CSG Podcast returns with Mares and Wind

CSG Podcast discusses Paul Millsap, Gary Harris and potential new Denver Nuggets uniforms in the triumphant return of your favorite Colorado sports podcast.

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As The Who told us 46 years ago… meet the new boss, same as the old boss… and it still remains true today. Making it’s triumphant return is CSG Podcast, one of the longest running sports related podcasts in Colorado.

We are going in to our sixth year and going strong again. We feature Nate Timmons (former editor of Pickaxe and Roll, Denver Stiffs and BSN Denver Nuggets) Ross Martin (the original voice of the Denver fan) and myself (former proprietor of Denver Stiffs and 5280 Sports Network Nuggets editor).

I’ll be posting CSG in this space whenever we record, and we will soon be featured on the 5280 Sports Network app. This week we discuss the Paul Millsap signing (yes, we know it’s a little late) Gary Harris, and the potential for new Denver Nuggets uniforms

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