Old Aggie Superior Lager: A release day review

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Old Aggie Superior Lager, a touchdown for everyone involved.

When New Belgium Brewing — the fourth-largest producer of craft beer in America — and Colorado State Athletics teamed up, it resulted in a win-win situation for both parties, which was seen on Saturday in Fort Collins.

The house was packed, with fans of beer and football uniting on the green lawn at New Belgium, sipping Old Aggie in 24-ounce cans, 12-ouncers by the case-load and in draught form, too. So much so, the brewery went through more than they expected, having to ship extra Old Aggie “tall boys” from the distribution center, back to the brewery.

On that lawn, there were Colorado State pom squad members, a “dress like a Ram” station where fans could put on pads and a jersey, and even a quarterback competition where fans threw footballs into the practice net against one another.

It was a party — complete with a brass-centric band — which Colorado State hopefully took note of. This was the type of Fort Collins fun everyone, both city residents and out-of-towners, could enjoy in together. Let’s face it, no one throws a better party in FOCO than does New Belgium, the crafters of Tour de Fat, and CSU could do a lot right if they mimic today’s celebration in pre-game festivities starting on Aug. 26.

That’s when Colorado State’s state-of-the-art stadium launches, bringing football back to campus for the first time since 1967. Thanks to a $4.3 million gift from the brewery responsible for Fat Tire and many more iconic brews, the New Belgium Porch will be a sensational way for fans to continue that party inside the stadium, all while football is being played on Sonny Lubick’s Field.

Old Aggie Superior Lager will be poured seemingly endlessly at the new on-campus stadium, specifically at the New Belgium Porch, and that beer is exactly what the name suggests.

Old Aggie is a crisp, clean, bright lager which doesn’t linger. It’s drinkable, sessionable; this is a perfect beer to pregame with, at a mere %4.7 ABV, and a solid beer to continue drinking while inside the stadium, too.

From New Belgium’s website: “Brewed with the finest malts and brightest hops, this beer floats subtly sweet honeycomb notes across the tongue, while a citrusy snap of Cascade and Chinook hops punctuates each delightful sip.”

The quality ingredients are clear from the first taste, something which sets the top craft brewers apart from the rest of the crowd. Simply, Old Aggie is what other, more plain, less clean beers aspire to be. It’s refreshing, a perfect companion for mowing the lawn or just chilling on the patio in the evening.

While many of New Belgium’s beers are brewed in that style — with orange peel and other spices being used — this Old Aggie Superior Lager has a chance to catch on with a broader range of people. Not that the brewery, which serves it’s brews up in 45 states, needs more exposure.

Colorado State Athletics, while partnering with New Belgium, is simultaneously helping increase that valuable exposure. The school does hope the athletics department is a “front porch” to the university, inviting more out-of-state students to Fort Collins, and now New Belgium’s Porch will literally welcome fans into the $220 million stadium when it all opens this Aug. 26.

First, there’s an open house scheduled for Aug. 5, and until then, beer fans in Fort Collins must take a second to get their hands on some Old Aggie quickly.